The Internationales Begegnungszentrum Friedenshaus (IBZ) was founded in 1981 by people from Bielefeld with and without a history of immigration as a self-organised meeting centre. Since then, the IBZ has been a place of encounter, of learning from and with each other, of political communication and of representing the interests of immigrants. In addition, it offers space for the self-organization of around 30 migrant communities, which are organised as house groups in the IBZ.

From the very beginning, the IBZ sees itself as a place of diversity and cosmopolitanism for all politically and culturally interested Bielefeld residents with and without a history of immigration.

The IBZ Friedenshaus is responsible for two educational institutions according to the Continuing Education Act. The Institute for Peace Education (IFF) is a general educational institution with integration courses as well as language and creative offerings. The Intercultural Education Centre Friedenshaus (IBF) is a political educational institution.

As a meeting, contact and information centre, the IBZ is an open point of contact for people with and without an immigration history.

Internationales Begegnungszentrum Friedenshaus e.V.

Teutoburger Straße 106
33607 Bielefeld



The IBZ is committed to the full participation of all people in society, politics and culture. We are resolutely opposed to all forms of racism, discrimination and social exclusion.

The objectives of the IBZ are equal rights and equal opportunities, as well as full participation in the goods and freedoms of an open and social society, regardless of origin or personal life style. Social balance, global distributive justice, participation and the right to freedom of movement are just as much a focus of the IBZ’s work as integration and the right to asylum and anti-racism. The IBZ is open to collaborations with individuals and groups who are committed to these goals.


The IBZ is a member of numerous umbrella organisations, such as the Paritätisches Wohlfahrtsverband, the Bielefelder Jugendring, the Eine Welt Netz NRW and the Landes- as well as the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Soziokultureller Zentren. The IBZ-Bildungswerke participate in the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für eine andere Weiterbildung (LAAW). The political education work is funded by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung NRW.