Hope and pains, aspirations and challenges. Dreams. Illussions. Reality and imagination

Success and failure …

Words carry many stories between the past, present and future. Stories between home and exile.

A home, no matter how they try to escape, will remain in their hearts, memories and veins. Exile has become a reality. You have to smile at it to get up and move on.

Whatever the reasons that led us to migrate or to seek refuge.

No matter how much they paint rosy dreams and hopes in foreign countries in their imaginations.

In the beginning there is a reality that will shock you, a reality that you will have to realize and live with in order to integrate into this new society that you will be part of.

So exile is not as easy as some thought, nor is it a path paved with money and hands stretching out to them to always hold onto them so they don’t fall.

In exile they have to make a double effort to prove themselves. You have to make an effort with your work and your knowledge, with your reliability and your respect for the law. They will face

challenges and difficulties and without their effort they will not get what they dream and strive for.

The language, laws, customs and traditions are all different. Everything is available. And they are the ones who choose and they have to take responsibility. Every word and every action is evaluated.

You may face racist situations, some shocks. You may feel hopeless and lost, especially those with high levels of education. It is known that craftsmen enter the labor market faster and easier than holders of university degrees who, in addition to recognition of the certificate, require a high level of language skills.

But from the beginning they have to get up and learn the language because this is the main key to integration and to get what they want.

Regardless of their age, religion or gender. And regardless of the upper limit of your ambitions, there is hope to achieve those goals. Because we need time, effort and patience.

In exile, their knowledge and work are their strengths.

We have seen and heard many experiences and success stories from expatriates and refugees who, after a journey full of challenges and difficulties, have proven their presence and made a name for themselves in this country.

Written by Ebaa Alsaiedy

*Foto: Antonin Kratochvil/VII