# We are transcultural

In recent years, the issues of “Refugees” and “Integration” have dominated both politics and the media. So far, opinions on these issues are very divergent. In the mass media, new immigrants often appear only as the bearers of problems for society and there is a tendency to portray only the dark side of immigration. The benefits they bring to society are completely disregarded. We are therefore very keen to promote an open society based on cultural diversity and exchange between migrants and locals.

Our online magazine therefore arose out of the need to give immigrants a different picture. An image based on stereotypes, based on fear of foreigners: The other is a threat to security, a stranger who doesn’t deserve to know. In order to counteract this kind of representation, intercultural communication tools must be used as a fundamental element in building a pluralistic society.

Are there obstacles, problems, challenges? Of course! But we can also learn from positive and successful stories of migrants and Refugees living in Bielefeld and Germany and give new immigrants a voice.

Our magazine is written by a professional international editorial team that conducts research and interviews and writes articles from different perspectives and worldviews. The main topics we want to deal with are integration, transculture, dialogue and peaceful coexistence between people of different origins.

We are happy to make people visible in public spaces. People who have managed to make their dreams and ambitions come true. People who are committed to their community, who are transcultural!

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