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Yammen Al Shumali


More than 140 promoters across Germany are already strengthening civil society’s commitment to socially just and globally sustainable development with their work.

They advise and network civil society organisations and initiatives that are engaged in one-world work and initiate projects and actions with which they identify alternatives for a sustainable society.

The Intercultural Promoter Programme in North Rhine-Westphalia places a special emphasis on: In six regions, intercultural promoters support and qualify development policy engagement on the issues of refugee and migration. They network and qualify existing One World initiatives and migrant-diaspora organisations, bring together the global background of flight and migration to the public and point out new perspectives.

The aim of intercultural expansion is to strengthen the social participation of people with a history of flight and migration. Through their commitment, they convey a differentiated picture of the complex issue and contribute to an open society.

Yammen Al Shumali of the Internationalen Begegnungszentrum Friedenshaus e. V. in Bielefeld is an intercultural promoter in the Detmold district. The intercultural promoter program is coordinated by the Eine Welt Netz NRW and funded by the state of NRW.

More information about all promoters in NRW can be found on the website of the Eine Welt Netz NRW.

More information on the nationwide promoter program can be found at